Trinity Baptist Church

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Kids Radically Experiencing Worship

It’s hard to believe that half of the year is over and school is only six weeks away.  I hope you all have enjoyed your summer so far with vacations, swimming, camps, and all the things we love about summer.  One thing I love about summer is Vacation Bible School and we just had an amazing one.  We visited Thailand and experienced their cultures, food, lives and actually met some of the kids that live there.  There are a lot of ways that we are alike and the best one is the fact we worship the same God.  Isn’t that amazing!

With Bible school over we are taking a break to breath in our Lord and prepare for the up and coming month of 2015.  School will be starting back, the holidays will be right around the corner and the children’s department will be very busy.  As most of you know, we started new Sunday School material and new Children’s Church material the first of the year.  I have to say that everyone seems to enjoy both and with a new way of learning the kids are having a lot of fun, making a lot of noise, being kids and learning about their Jesus.  Thanks to all of you who bring your children and grandchildren to church faithfully and to my kids who continue to bring their friends to church so we can share with them the most important thing in their lives.

Remember that we hare having First Friday’s  again (the first Friday of each month).  Check  your calendars to see other events going on in the life of our church.