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Prayer Request

We believe in the power of prayer here at Trinity. If you have a prayer need, please fill out the form to the right and submit it so that we can begin praying. Thank you so much!

November 26, 2017

Trinity’s Prayer Requests - Power A Prayer!

Prayers for those going to Atlanta, GA this week for OCC Missions

Bill Cox - Upcoming surgery on December 22

Tyler Miller - Several issues for prayer (Nephew of Sarah Head)

Brady Brooks - Gall bladder surgery (Husband of Melody Brooks)

Haley Conley - Pacemaker/18 yrs old (Friend of the Murphy’s)

Carol Armell - Back surgery on November 13

Jennifer Atwood (Niece of Linda Burus)

Tara Gonzalous - Pregnancy issues (Daughter of Jennifer Atwood)

Phil Kitchen - Heart surgery on Nov. 14 (Friend of the Mccoma’s)

Ashleigh Wells, Jeff & Tracy Crank - Dealing with issues (Family of Marjorie Whitlock)

Edgar & Patti Carper - Health issues (Family of Joyce Crowe)

Joe & June Richey - Health issues

Penny Moore - Several health issues - loss of kidney, seizures, brain tumor

Brenda Chipley - Heart issues (Friend of Sue Sharp)

Connie May’s brother - Health issues

Ericka, Amira & Denny - Car accident - Denny has had several surgeries

Ericka has broken leg & back issues. Amira is okay. (This is Cheryl Hatfield’s daughter/granddaughter and Amira’s father is Denny.

Angela Hurst - COPD

Chuck & Peggy Vandelune - Chuck fell has concussion

Jimmy Gay - 3 back surgeries since June (Judy Blythe’s BIL)

Cathy Connor - Parkinson Disease (Friend of Bob & Claudia Blaylock)

Debbie Givens - Spots on brain, future doctor visits for testing

Dick Perrow - Health issues (Father of Laura Perrow)

Kim Williams - Health issues

Susan Joseph - Chemo started (Daughter of Ralph & Susie Stevens)

Bruce Hayes - Recovery from surgery (Father of Kellie Sherwood)

Canyon Grant - 5th grade student - Recovery from surgery

Hunter Moore - Skin cancer surgery (Friend of Bob Blaylock)

Geoff Pelton - Infection from stint surgery (Cousin of John Belcher)

Loraine Logue - Kidney issues

Shelby Young & Family - Unspoken prayer request

Sheryl Johnson - Knee replacement surgery

Pat Hammons - Heart issues (Niece of Sue Sharp)

Kim Rowland - Gastric issues - (Cousin of Patti Belcher & Lisa Grigsby)

Karen Thomas - Trige Minal Neuralgia (Cousin of Patti Belcher & Lisa Grigsby)

Macy & Eric Reed - (Daughter & son-in-law of Claudia & Bob Blaylock)

Military deployment and those called to work in dangerous areas:

Billy Washington - Afghanistan

Andrew Klapheke - Japan/Air Force

Matthew Purcell - Deployed to Afghanistan 

Lisa DeLuna - Fort Bragg, NC


Family of Thomas Chandler in his death.

Dreama (Ronnie) Nichols in the death of her sister, Irene Goforth



Donna Holland - St. Joe/Surgery (DIL of Lillian Barnes)

Karen Sowdy - Cardinal Hill

Wanda Everman - Cardinal Hill (Grandmother of Greg Everman)

Robin Nasr - UK/ICU (Friend of Kim Hill and Alli Stewart)

Assisted Living & Nursing Home Care: Trinity Members

Joyce Glass - The Willows Fritz Farm #304

E. B. & Sylvia Smith - McCready Manor, Richmond, KY

Charlotte Carpenter - Lexington Country Place, Room 213

Betty McIntyre - Morning Pointe

Sylvia Teater - Liberty Ridge Lane, #126A, MC2

Betty Vice - Liberty Ridge Lane, #227


Long Term Illness and concerns:

Roger Atwell 

Angie Smith 

Chester & Sarah Aubrey

Jimmie Taylor 

Garry & Pam Snelling 

Brent Ross

Angela Robinson 

Stanley Lanham 

Priscilla Tussey

Mary Lane 

Fallyn Elliott 

Mike Bailey

Joyce Randolph 

Paul Miller 

Anna & Lloyd Keyser

Thomas Yates 

Brenda Estes 

Greg Henderson

Rebekah Downey 

Diane Caudill 

Chester Aubrey 

Lynn Ratliff 

Debbie Edwards 

Tricia Langley/Lori Feltz

Margaret Corn 

Colin Blake 

Doris Douglas

Art Henderson 

Jeff Vires 

Joseph Goins

Leslie Harris 

Rhonda Hamm 

Tony Green

Frances Hatter 

Tommy Masters 

Diane Denton

Georgia Locker 

Barry Beckham 

Mary Jo Sartin

Ella Edwards 

Richard Medley 

Bob Henderson

Marshall Nichols 

Faye Dixon 

Jim Phelfrey

June McNie 

Cathy Conner 

Dave Kurtiak



                                If you have a prayer request, update, or praise

please call the Church Office at 254-6795.











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