Children’s Corner ~ Helen Brown

Can you imagine – short spring and
summer. We are in September now.
I am still hearing good words about
V.B.S. Thanks to everyone who worked and attended
our V.B.S. this year.

I look forward to the next months. We have had
promotion Sunday. The children are with old and new
friends, teachers, literature and surroundings. Pray
for our Sunday School. Please bring the children to
Sunday School.

I have been at Amy’s for several weeks. I am better
now. I have a stress fracture in my back, no fall,
it just happened! This is a very nice place! I love the
food and care – but I will be home soon!
Thanks very much for all the prayers and spoken
concerns. Remember what I said after my cancer
surgery – Bring casseroles and candy! Ha Ha!


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